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People at Fit Advice have broad and deep expertise in consulting in various industries. Our Consulting services are customized to each client's needs. We are good at developing digital business models and services. 


Fit Advice networks actively with a variety of business professionals and as appropriate we are looking for complementary skills in our network.



Elina Piispanen


 Elina Piispanen is a very experienced business consultant to help your company in the most efficient and effective way. Elina has almost thirty years of experience in Management and Information Technology Consulting at Accenture both with local and global clients. In addition to her Managing Director role at Fit Advice Ltd., she is a Member of the Board in Blucap Ltd. and a Member of the Board in Finnish Red Cross‘s  Board Committee for HR and Development. Elina is also actively involved in start-ups as an advisor and an angel investor. Elina is particularly interested in helping Finnish companies to take advantage of digitalization opportunities. Elina is a cooperative, energetic, action- and people-oriented and interested in learning to know your business.   





Contact information:  


phone: +358 400 409 829.

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